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    verba earum tenere,
    sed vim ac potestatem.

Law firm

Main objective of law firm JUDr. Martin Repáň, advokát s.r.o. is the provision of effective and complex legal advisory which fully meets requirements and needs of the client.
Our task is to provide the client with accurate, up to date and complete information in order to carry out proper business decisions and to solve its problems.
Privileged relationship between the attorney and the client is based on confidentiality and protection of clients´ interests and information.
The year 2008 marked the beginning of the law firm JUDr. Martin Repáň, s.r.o.;, while the company was founded by by JUDr. Martin Repáň.
Martin Repáň graduated in 2004 at Law Faculty of Commenius University in Bratislava. On June 2006 he passed rigorous exam at Law Faculty of Trnava University and achieved title doctor of law (JUDr.).
In November 2004 he commenced his legal practice as the attorney trainee in the law firm of JUDr. Mária Trylčová. Since November 2005 he continued in the attorney trainee practice in the law firm KONEČNÁ & ŠAFÁŘ, s.r.o. and since January 2007 in the law firm DT LEGAL, s.r.o.
He specializes at the commercial law, corporate law, civil law, real estate law, bill of exchange law, criminal law, representation of the clients in the civil, administrative and arbitral proceedings and collection of receivables.
Since 2008 he is enrolled in the Slovak Chamber of Attorneys as the attorney at law.


In the process of provision of legal services we cooperate with affiliated law firms, notary, court executors, tax consultants, appraisal experts and other entities which services are necessary in order to provide the client with complex services.


JUDr. Martin Repáň, advokát s.r.o.

Mamateyova 12
851 04 Bratislava
Slovak Republic


tel.: 00421 911 160 454



ID No. 36 861 502
Tax ID No. 2022 737 508


Company registered in the Commercial Register of the City Court Bratislava III, Section: Sro, Insertion No. 63879/B

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